how to shorten my trousers

How to shorten my trousers

Remove the white tape (if any) on the hem of the trousers. It's just a cover of the actual tape.

1. Shorten the trousers on both sides to the desired length by tucking the trousers inwards. Mark the point with several needles (plug or safety pins). Guideline: It should be about 0.5cm to the ground (of course with dance shoes).

2. Place a trouser leg folded on the crease on an ironing board. Make sure that the trousers are just turned inwards and the "adhesive side" to the turned-over fabric and no wrinkles on the hem.

3. Put a cotton cloth on the trouser hem (you can also take a cotton t-shirt). It should serve as protection against too much direct heat from the iron.

4. Lightly iron the area on the trouser leg, so that there is a kink at the fold.

5. Remove the needles and make sure that no wrinkles appear between the two fabrics and that the bend edge does not change. Iron again a little bit (always put a cotton cloth between the iron and the trousers!)

6. To make sure that the trousers have been ironed in the right place, try them again and check the length.

7. If the length is wrong, you should be able to split the already glued fabric again. If you have already ironed the fabric too hard, iron over the glued area again to heat it. If the tape is warm, it can be solved more easily.

8. If necessary, correct the length.

9. If you have already found the right length, put the trousers on the ironing board again and iron the hem (preferably with steam) for about 5 seconds. Please do not forget the cotton cloth.

10. If the tape becomes loose over time, you can repeat step 9.

You can download this instruction as .pdf here

This video shows ho to shorten your dance trousers: